Finally, after having absolutely no food in the room for the past few days, I now have SNACKS!! Well…fruit. Fruit and fruit bars. So healthy, right? I was doing so well until I saw Kinder bueno for £1.38.

And then it all went to hell.

But it looks delicious, no? For a total of £6.79 ($10.47)! I’m pretty proud of myself. European bargain shopping ftw.

Though this kinda confused me…aren’t eggs supposed to be refrigerated?

I figured since I bought generic brand toothpaste (£0.49) and £0.25 mugs and £0.50 cups I was allowed to splurge a little, so. Because I could…<3 (psst…it’s the old formula! )

OH! And the most exciting thing today…I got my SIM card working!! Which means that in addition to having a number in the UK (eh, whatever), I can now get on 4G!! The reception is pretty bad on campus but we have WiFi here, so it’s no big deal – as long as it works everywhere else I’m happy as a clam. :) Now I can take you all with me wherever I go! <3

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