Still No Food…

I just ate the last chocolate in my stash. I have officially no food left in the dorm…Tesco’s, here we come…:(

Other than the food issue. Homfg I’ve never been so screwed over by jetlag in my life. 12 hours for us China-travelers is easy, man. You’re tired in the morning and awake at night but I mean, you can see that it’s dark/light outside and you probably should be feeling the opposite, so you fix it and move on. And three hours to CA the one time I had to do it was kinda annoying but not bad enough to actually interfere with one’s life.

Six hours. Is horrendous. Tired at five in the afternoon and if I let myself sleep (which I have, unfortunately), I sleep till 1AM, when I wake up and blog. Such a bad schedule right now..

The phone situation is also a pain in the ass…I have like four different SIM cards now and none of them work. Guh.

What I’ve Learned:

  • The sun goes down at 4 here. That doesn’t mean it’s time to sleep.
  • Bentley students are far more spoiled by consistent Wi-Fi than we would like to admit.
  • England doesn’t feel all that different from home.
  • Go to the supermarket ASAP.
  • Look right or die.
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