Windsor: The Obligatory Picture Post

Unfortunately, the most interesting parts of the tour weren’t allowed to be photographed. We saw the State Apartments, where every room is furnished differently, and St. George’s Chapel, where a bunch of past monarchs are buried. Anyway. Pictures that I was allowed to take!

Another picture of RHUL, from the tennis courts. Told you it was huge!

An attempted photograph of Windsor Castle from the bus. That little smudge at the end of the road is it, lol. Unimpressive as of yet.

HAVE YOUR PICTURE WITH THE QUEEN! Probably a cutout of the Queen, but hey, did you know that she actually comes here pretty much every weekend? She wasn’t there this weekend because she still on her Christmas vacation, but still. Pretty cool.

Random pictures of the castle grounds. I don’t think I fully appreciate just how grandiose this place is. Or how old it is. I mean, they tell us things like “it was built after the Norman Conquest of 1066” and I think “Oh. That’s fantastic. It’s old.” But it’s so damn old! Like, I don’t even understand how old it is. We’re walking around the same grounds that…lots of dead people used to walk on. Really famous dead people. Really powerful dead people. Like King Henry VIII. And all those people that we read about in history books but really just see as figures of history and maybe characters but hardly…as actual people.

Idk, maybe it’s just me?


This is, I believe, the changing of the Guards? I’ve seen the one at WDC and I know this one’s older and more traditional and stuff, but it’s sooo much longer, and infinitely more boring. Go America?

And I’m sorry, but the UK guards are fat. And stumpy. Go America indeed:

They also played really surprisingly upbeat music for such a serious occasion…or maybe we just make it serious and it really isn’t? I have no idea. The shuffling amuses me to no end, though. I had like 9 minutes of video on this but it’s pretty much repetitions of what’s below. I found this guy amusing. He came out as they started yelling and went back in when they finished. I wonder how many times a day he has to hear this? Why does he even bother coming out anymore, lol.

Did you know that pretty much everyone who was anyone in English history is buried at St. George’s Chapel? This isn’t my picture, but:

As in he’s UNDER the plaque! We walked over King Henry VIII and King Charles I. That’s ridiculous. It doesn’t even compute in my mind. Ugh, history. On our way to the State Apartments and the Queen’s Doll’s House. She has a dollhouse that’s an exact replica of the state apartments. The dollhouse itself is like the size of…the full sized bed? Six of them stacked on top of each other. It’s huge. And so intricate. What on earth made her commission a huge dolls house like that? It’s not like she’d ever do anything with it besides chuck it in the glass case and make people walk around it, lol – oh rich people. The State Apartments were really cool, like this room (also not mine). It’s called the Crimson Drawing Room, which was partially burnt down in 1992 and then restored. Looks like a pretty good job to me…

Oh, and FINALLY. THIS was there:

I’m not sure many of you know this about me but throughout high school I had this huge mega supercrush on Leonardo Da Vinci. This sketch is of his student/pupil/whatever named Gian Giacomo Caprotti da Oreno, nicknamed “Salai” or “little devil”. There’s pretty much no information on da Vinci’s personal life, and among the thousands of notes and writings he left behind the only thing he really said about romantic interest was this:

The act of procreation and anything that has any relation to it is so disgusting that human beings would soon die out if there were no pretty faces and sensuous dispositions. 

There have been, however, speculations that dV was gay, mainly with this pupil named Salai. There’s an erotic drawing of Salai, assumed to be a variation of dV’s John the Baptist, that may have been drawn by Leo or maybe Salai himself. There are also some who say that Salai was the actual model for Mona Lisa, given the similar facial features and such. No proof, though, which makes the theory as good as useless.

That being said, I SAW THAT DRAWING! The only thing separating me from Leonardo da Vinci’s own words was a thin piece of glass. I can’t even.

So finally…

…more pictures of the grounds and then me looking tired from walking in the wind.

Moving on!

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