Cafeteria Sticker Shock

What I’ve finally determined about English food is that there’s no shape to it.

Everything’s just plop-y. Ploppy? It’s able to be plopped. You know. Plop. Plop. Plop.

Because that’s how my dinner sounded when I got it last night.

“Can I have the apricot and turkey pie please?” Plop. (We’ll get back to the pie thing in just one second, don’t worry..)
And the corn..” Plop.
“And the beans.” Plop.

Plop plop plop.

It’s just a mess of ploppage.

I could’ve eaten it without chewing.

I miss chewing.

And solid pieces of food.

Anyways. Turkey and apricot pie. Yeah. You read that right. Turkey. And apricot. Pie. I figured I’d be enthusiastic about trying new things and broaden my horizons and all that cliche-y stuff you’re supposed to think about when abroad, so I tried it, despite thinking this was some sort of trans-course, flavor-ully confused dish here…

It wasn’t that bad. It’s pretty much a turkey pot pie, but with…random bits of warm apricot in it.

I don’t usually object to warm fruit, provided that it’s mixed in with a lot of sugar and calories, in things like blueberry muffins, blueberry pie (anything blueberry really..), raspberry cheesecake, peach cobbler…yum.

But this was just weird.

Hey this turkey isn’t so bad…it’s not good but it’s edible…munch munch nom nom oh holy crap what is this mushy sweet gross thing I just ate – oh. right. Apricot. What the heck, why is this even here.

At least the dining hall is pretty. A pretty face always makes up for a lousy personality, right? Boys?

Oh, and did I mention. Brits color their hair way weirder colors here. Unnatural things. Odd.

And I had to pay 4 pounds for this nonsense…that’s like $6!

Six dollars can get me a delicious hot meal at Wendy’s any day. A solid meal. With a substantial shape. Hallelujah.

I’m never eating on campus again.

Or complaining about Seasons!

  1. beautiful ceiling…but that food…I would have been too scared to try I think. I am sorry it wasn’t a good experience. At least you can say you are a braver person than most?

  2. Baked beans and sweetcorn??

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