Going To Reprehensibly Be A Girl For Just One Second…

My hair.

Is awful.

I got it cut the day of departure, thinking that I’d save on the whole British-price-tag thing. Biiiig mistake.

When the haircutter lady starts cutting your hair horizontally, (you’ll only understand this crime if you’re a girl, don’t worry) there’s something terribly, terribly wrong here.

Unless, of course, you’re going for that whole “blunt” thing.

Yeah. I’m not cool enough to do that. I just wanted the Normal-Asian-Girl-Haircut/Trim.

You know.

The one that makes you look like everyone else who’s yellow and has long hair.


I miss my Chinese haircutting boys.

They were cute.

And young.

And were nice to me.

And they didn’t cut my hair sideways.

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