Snobby Business Student With An Interest In Politics

Right. So. I’m used to knowing what’s going on in politics. I like knowing what’s going on in politics, so as not to sound a fool when asked about it…

(like I did when my British politics professor asked me if the primaries for New Jersey have taken place yet…I’m not…right. This isn’t a political blog. Let’s just say that I have no need to know when the Republican primaries are for New Jersey for a number of reasons this year. Moving on.)

Anyways. I know how the American government works, at least generally, much thanks to AP Government and Politics, the best class I’d taken in high school with a certain Ms. Lionti. Loved that class.

So when I walked into Advanced Readings in British Politics today with no background in anything, and only having learned a few days ago who their Prime Minister was…(yes yes shameful, I know. I’m sorry. I go to a b-school now. We look at journal entries and stock prices. I’m sorry!!!), it came as a bit of an ego burst when I. Knew. Nothing.


Labor Labour Party? MPs? Parliament? Not a clue.

And the worst thing was, I saw them making the same kind of jokes we used to – lame, political jabs that only make sense when you know what’s going on and have an opinion on it. They had the same rapport with each other as we used to…I remember everyone having a thing. Like…

Arizona Ethan was our Republican representative, and even then he was pretty socially liberal.
Michelle took on the politically science news.
Craig was all about the financial world.
Andrew was all about gay rights.
Yeah…I was, predictably, the go-to Chinese news girl.

But we all had our thing and we all had our opinions and most of the time, most of the class knew what each member would think, or at least which side s/he’d be on. It was nice, being in a classroom like that. It was fun.

They have that.

I want that.

But I don’t know who their Prime Minister is.

So I can’t.






Oh, there’s a lot of reading to be done.

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