It Must Be The Water.

It’s been a…pretty lousy past few days, to say the least. With everything, it’s been damn energy-consuming to just get out of the room to explore England. Or to go to the cafeteria to eat a proper meal. You know, extraneous, unnecessary things.

But no moping today, it’s all about pictures!

A LOT of pictures. Sorry for all the scrolling!

I wasn’t going to head out yesterday, but rather just sit in and read (or pretend to) and bum around in my single. I hate having a single. Have I mentioned that enough yet? But it was getting pathetic how little I was getting out and socializing, so when one of the girls posted that she was “going to Camden Markets, who wanted to come with?”, I jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately (or fortunately, or neither, really), because of timing issues, we ended up being the only ones going together.

Can you say awkward?

Anyways. She’s nice. From Australia. Don’t know how that’s important, exactly, but it’s how we all identify, right?

Walking into town at 10AM. So glad I wore my hat, it was so chilly. London cold isn’t the kind of Boston/New Jersey cold that kind of takes your breath away every time you step out into it, it’s just…I don’t know, a chill. It hurts your ears when the wind whips around them, but otherwise, if you just stand rather still, you can’t really feel it. Does that even make sense?

Right so I had a lot more pictures of Camden Markets itself, but it’s just a bunch of stores, really. Maybe I’ll edit and put them up some other time.

…no I won’t.

Just some random bridge in the middle of the markets…for Shanghainese people, it’s a cross between the old 襄阳路 and 城隍庙. Cute little old buildings with cheap Asian products sold at absurd English souvenir prices. Ouch.

No comment necessary.

Camden Markets, along with the cheap Chinese stuff, also had a vintage shop every few feet. This one was super cute, and it had this rack of half-off wedding dresses! Most of them were unbearably ugly, of course, but I found the idea charming.

Oh, and may I quickly divert your attention to that small sign in the right hand side that says “no picture”? Yeah. I’m badass like that. Whaddup.

Ah, see? I told you – Cheap Chinese trinkets. Whenever I passed by one of these shops I’d always look for the owner.

She was always a Chinese mother-looking type lady.

Point on.

Oh, this wrapping paper was from the same place the Rubik’s Cube was. A bit of a higher class Spencer’s of England, hm?

I was rather tempted to buy a pair of rain boots (or Wellies, as they’re called)…real ones, from England!! Maybe I will.

Oh, they also had these…dungeon-couture-ish shops everywhere, with black corsets and just everything that a tweenage goth would love to have in her wardrobe but would be killed for if she did. Cute stuff that I’d never wear. What else is new?

More vintage shops. Speaking of, they had this vintage shop that was selling leather jackets for £10. I am so going back without the company next time to properly stand there and look for one in my size, my goodness!

Oh, and to pick up this dress.

People back home must think I’m on something to even consider this, but it’s just so pretty! I don’t know what’s gotten into me. My mother would be so proud…

More dresses that I wanted.

It must be something in the water..

Oh and JSP…you would’ve died if you were here. Wish you were..<3

And finally…my kind of store. :) They had the real Harry Potters!! #American.

Eh. I suppose this was just a blatant picture dump, but that’s alright. More to come!

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