Now For The Food Portion Of Things…

First thing on the agenda yesterday: get breakfast!

So we got crappy foodstand pizza.

I wasn’t aware that English people had egg tart? Though now that I think about it, it’s probably because of the whole owning Hong Kong for a hundred years thing, right?

Like this. I doubt they actually had any “yumchaa” though?

I have a thing for taking pictures of candy stands, much like any other teenager wielding a fancy camera far beyond her understanding…

I forgot what this was called, but it was pretty much mini pancakes smothered in chocolate and nuts.

Odd, but delicious either way.

Fancy, overpriced chocolate covered fruits.

This was the place we finally ended up getting something at – just a normal Nutella coconut crepe for me, though. I asked for a strawberry one but the guy was so nice and told me it was canned strawberries and even let me try one before making it. Nice people. Love em.

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