Grocery Shopping Like A Boss.

See, when I can get a six slabs of meat for £10, a whole bag of chicken thighs for £2 and a dozen eggs for £1, you know I’m never going back to the cafeteria on campus.

Bargain grocery shopping, for the win!

It’s like a sport, I swear.

Now I know it’s not proper to be going around telling people on the internet how much you spent on something, but !!! it’s just so exciting. Look:

Chicken thighs: £2
Sugar: £1
Butter: £1.20
9-pack KitKats (not shown): £1
12 eggs: £1

Total: £6:20!

Well I bought a whole lot more stuff here, but hey, still six meals for £10! That’s far less than I’ll ever spend on worse food at the dining halls, that’s for sure.

Oh, and while I was walking back, look what I saw…

Those are what I think they are, right?

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