I Tried, I Swear.

I haven’t gone out drinking yet. Yes, shameful, I know, being a legal 19 year old alone in London with new friends who go out every night to the pubs, and to not have gone out to drink yet. So last night, I swore I’d go and try it out.

They were meeting up at 9…so naturally, at 8:30, the hermit in me decides that I’m wicked hungry (wow, “wicked”? repping Boston much?) and need to make myself a bowl of ramen. But just plain ramen isn’t quite enough to satiate the sudden hunger monster in me, so I just had to boil half a potato and wash some mushrooms to throw in. Plus the fact that my flatmate was there and he was cooking too…

Here’s how my night went, in vague, estimated bullets:

(Note: after writing it I realized it’s still stupidly long…so…the highlights are bolded.)

8:30 – Decide I’m hungry enough for noodles; going to the pub can wait.
8:32 – Find only Asian roommate reading for his management class and cooking. Start casual conversation.
8:50 – Not yet done cooking noodles (what the hell was I doing?), but the conversation has turned to Asian parents. Always a bonding topic..
8:52 – Realize that both of us love roller coasters!
9:00 – Finish cooking noodles, but he’s not done with his thing, so stand around eating ramen and talking about random things
9:02 – Declare that I will definitely be out of this dorm by 10
9:09 – Hear his life story and how he’s moved from Nepal to Malaysia to (uh…) to London now…
9:12 – Discuss the Jersey Shore
9:15 – He finishes cooking, we both sit down to eat, while continuing to talk about how neither of us have ever watched the Godfather (don’t kill me)
9:18 – Make vague, no attachment plans to watch the Godfather together at some point
9:30 – Decide that it’s ridiculous that England makes you buy a TV license…
9:40 –  Approach the subject of torrenting
9:41 – Vehemently declare that anyone who doesn’t torrent is an idiot
9:42 – Laugh about Megavideo
9:43 – Tells me all the tricks of torrenting at a university (early mornings and afternoons!)
9:45 – Go through our movie preferences and what we each have downloaded
9:46 – Compare download speeds
9:48 – Talk about manga/anime (Bleach, Naruto, and something else for him)
9:49 – Share childhood stories about how we used to read under the blankets with a flashlight
9:52 – Realize I’m not going to make it out of the apartment by 10
10:03 – Say I should leave. He asks when I’m getting back? 2? 3?, tell him I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m back before 11
10:14 – Leave him to his reading, go back to change, pick up fifty-pound note and student ID
10:15 – Leave the flat and walk to Medicine (the on-campus pub)
10:19 – See line. Have extreme urge to turn back and snuggle under covers for the rest of the night instead.
10:20 – Grit teeth and stand in line. Text international student friend if they’re still there.
10:23 – Am told that I need to pay four pound entrance fee.
10:23 – Realize I do not have four pounds in change.
10:25 – Have a moment of ballsy determination, turn and walk all the way back to the dorm  to pick up four pounds in change and walk back
10:25 – Bathe in a light of self-pride for doing so.
10: 33 – Stand in line.
10:36 – Stand in line by myself.
10:40 – Asked for ID.
10:40 – Realized I’m an idiot for not having brought ID to a club.
10:40 – Rejected entrance
10:41 – Quickly snap a picture as a memento of the crazy wild night I had.
10:41 – Gleefully skip away from the pub, intent on coming back and watching torrented episodes of The Nanny from my hard drive with my stuffed animals. 

Moral of the story?

I tried. I did.


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