It’s Still Big World Out There After All

I had a bit of an existentialist crisis the other day while coming back from London. The girl I was with had to go somewhere else so we parted ways at the train station, which was all well and good. It was a smooth trip home up until I got on the bus to come back to school.

I missed our stop by two, and suddenly the driver roughly says to me, “What stop are you getting off at anyway? We passed Royal Holloway two stops ago, I said it twice!”

Well, sorry, mister, I can’t understand your accent! Jeez.

So he kicks me off the bus (or rather, lets me off, I suppose) right then and there.

Let me just say – it’s only 6:30PM, a time at which back home in the states I would have no worries about being out and alone, pretty much anywhere. It’s not dark! Even if it’s the dead of winter there are streetlights, no?

Not so much here. Everything was pitch black. I couldn’t even see where I was walking, and I kept literally stepping off the curve almost into oncoming traffic. I actually considered hitchhiking because there seemed to be no light in any direction. Thankfully, I had my phone (thank god for two extra battery packs…) and Google map-ed myself back to streetlighted civilization, but…

I realized just how sheltered I’ve been, lol – you probably think I’m overreacting. It’s just a little dark, haha she’s afraid of the daaaark!

Well hell yes I’m afraid of the dark, especially when I’m walking by myself in the pitch black on a highway. The dark is freaking scary. But the thing is, I could see everything overhead perfectly clearly. Orion was keeping me company, even when others weren’t, and I was thankful for it.

It’s damn scary out there, as much as try to pretend it’s not. Just a couple of steps away from something you’re so comfortable with may be things that you’ve never even known existed.

It’s a scary thought.

I seem to be so much happier to see this school (dark roads, creepy bush-hiding strangers) than I’m really ever grateful to see Bentley….

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