“Sooo…are you single?”

(One more post tonight, and I swear I’m all caught up for the weekend. Sorry for the cloggage!!)

I went to the supermarket today.

This is what went down:

Me: goes to pick up grocery basket
Security Guard (SG): Are you Chinese?
Me: …yes?
SG: Ah, do you speak it? I’m learning it – nee how!
Me: Haha yeah I do – ni hao right back at you!
SG: Are you from China?
Me: Nah, I’m from the States..
SG: What are you doing here?
Me: Oh, I’m just here studying over at Royal Holloway for the semester
SG: Oh that’s nice. Do they teach (gibberish)?
Me: Excuse me?
SG: (gibberish)? Do they teach it?
Me: ….I’m sorry, what?
SG: (gibberish)?
Me: ………..
SG: It’s a (more gibberish).
Me: ….I don’t think so…I’ve never heard of it…
SG: Ah, that’s alright. So how long are you staying?
Me: Oh, just for a few months, going home soon!
SG: What do you study?
Me: Politics, here-
SG: ….so…are you single?
Me: ….no, sir, I am not.
SG: That’s too bad.
Me: .__.

What is it with me and security guards???

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