“My Student Union Vegetable Haul!!!”

Just kidding.

If you want to watch a real haul…watch this. I just Youtube-d “haul” and chose one, so sorry if it’s boring? Shrug.

But in keeping with tradition, let me ramble on a bit about the whole out-of-this-world hauling experience like they do before showing you the things I got that you probably don’t care about. Let’s get started!

Our weekly Student Union farmer’s-market-esque setup has a books section:

Let’s just say that it’s a good thing we don’t have this back home because I would use up all my hard earned cash oh whoops just kidding I’m too useless to have a job… parents’ savings on that stand…#spoiledsuburbanchild.

…as well as this, but I’m pretty sure my dad would be the one spending all his savings on this instead of me…

Now most of the groceries I got were too boring to actually show here…but I did buy a 10-pack of wooden chopsticks. I feel like I’m betraying my cute little airplane ones, but they’re just too small and size matters*.

Anyways. I got moooochi and…those little things at the bottom that I can correctly identify in Chinese but have no idea how to say in English…

And that orange container on the side.

I don’t know what that is, but I do know that…

THIS man is on it. And I’m not even going to bother re-sizing this picture because…well, because…it’s Wang Leehom. He doesn’t need to be resized. He’s perfect.

I must’ve caught the C-pop bug or something, gosh.

Oh and you can’t see it here but there’s a big plastic heart on the cap. Never drinking this (whatever it is), ever. <3!

And I got (much to my chagrin) fudge. Oooh oh so yummy fudge. This is chocolate and vanilla. Nomnomnom~

Just a bit of food pr0nz for y’all when it’s probably dinnertime soon and you’re getting hungry ;)

But just to both curb your appetite and prove that I’m not looking to gain 30 pounds by the end of this trip…I did get real food, I promise. Pretty colors, huh? All for $5! (I’m way too lazy to keep googling “British pound” and copy pasting that squiggly L in here. It’ll just be L5 next time and the internet can deal. Ok? Thanks! <3)

I’m oddly giddy and excited in this post….




*Hee. I’m sorry. I tried to resist.


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