“Only You Americans Would Do That…”

Oh, I forgot a story from this weekend. I wouldn’t be personally insulting you if I told it now, would I? Great! I see we can be friends.

So remember when we had gotten crepes from the Camden Markets this weekend?

I had just sat down and was taking pictures of my crepe (which I didn’t post last time, mainly because it looked like this):

Just a triangular piece of dough. Boring. So I didn’t bother, but since we’re talking about it now…

Anyways. I had just sat down and hadn’t even put my bag down or anything, snapping away at this untouched steaming hot (you can’t tell here) crepe…when suddenly this mildly old lady pops up out of nowhere and goes in a wildly familiar tone, “Oh my granddaughter does that! So many of you kids just take pictures of your food these days, guess it’s not that odd after all!”

I didn’t think it was strange, just smiled and carried on a micro-conversation with her before she was led away by a resigned looking husband.

My friend looks at me weirdly and goes “Only you Americans would just stop and talk to people like that.”

So no wonder the tone of voice sounded so familiar and friendly…

Wish more people than just “us Americans” would do that though, makes life a hell of a lot more interesting!

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