Please Don’t Judge..

I had a crazy dream last night. As far as I remember…it went something like this:

I’m in some sort of car park with my parents. I don’t remember this being a specifically important aspect of the dream, nor have we ever done it before in real life, but several hours after waking up I had the sudden inkling that we were going for froyo. (My parents and I do not go for froyo together. It just simply does not happen. But I suppose the rest of this nonsense wouldn’t ever happen either, so continuing…) Anyways. So we park in the car park garage, one of those that has half a dozen floors and no appropriately working elevator so you’re forced to take the stairs? (Yeah I don’t know what kind of froyo place is so popular so as to require a six floor parking garage either, just accept it and move on…). For some reason my parents weren’t with me and I was going back up the car park (maybe we forgot something? Now I’m just filling in blanks here…) and as I rounded one of the corners of the stairs I saw…

This, my friends, is 魏晨. He’s a Chinese singer and mighty cute, no? Don’t say no. Thanks. He was the object of my teenage girl adoration for many, many years. Still is, but not quite as intense, of course…

Side note: He has a Wikipedia page!!! (linked above) Awww “乖小孩 魏晨”  has come so far as to have a Wikipedia page!! I’m so proud *tear* And they used the same picture, heehee. <3

Except instead of looking like that (cute), which he always does, he kinda looked like this:

Which I mean is still hella attractive, just in a…scarier way, no?

Right. So.

I’m rounding the corner and he’s just kinda standing there. Not looking down the stairs, just looking far off into the distance…

Thanks for giving me material for a shameless fangirl post, 晨晨 ;) jk. That was overboard.

So he’s just looking off into the distance, all cool and not noticing me, who’s probably hyperventilating at this point because her favorite rags-to-riches idol was standing before her wearing shades and looking cool as anything…

Apparently dream me is pretty courageous, because before I know it, she’s right next to him asking for a picture with him.

Except that’s when things get weird.

Because he looks at dream me, makes a face, and proceeds to pretend that he didn’t even hear me speak.

Not to be easily deterred, I ask for an autograph.

Again, he waves his hand at me and says something along the lines of “I don’t do that nonsense.”

Apparently I’m also shameless in dreamworld, because all of a sudden I’m blurting out “But I’ve loved you since 快乐男声!!” (Chinese “American Idol”, btw, and also how he got famous in the first place…I swear I watched every single episode of that show that year…)

And finally he looks at me, breaks into a smile, and agrees to sign something.

And I go skipping down the staircase to my waiting parents, screaming about how I just met 魏晨 and now had his autograph.



Sigh…I still love you though. And because I do I feel that I must defend you against the very many imaginary people who may want to judge you based on my nonsense dream and show them all a picture (of many) of you actually posing with your fans and not being a douchebag like you were in my dream. <3 You’re welcome.

Though I must say, you look much better without the shiny suit and perfectly sculpted hair. And a little more weight :(
Channeling all C-pop female fans everywhere…”you’re too skinny, don’t work so hard!!” ;)

….I’m done now.

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