Why Does This Happen…….

I blush in class.

I mean, I blush furiously in class, whenever I’m trying to say something.

And it’s not a cute blush either, where your cheeks go pink and your eyes go sparkly –

Nope. I blush to the point that I can feel it getting hot from my neck all the way to the top of my forehead and I know I probably look like a tomato and everyone’s just looking at me thinking why is she blushing so much?

More along the lines of this:

I can’t help it.

I could be in a completely new class with strangers (which would be somewhat understandable) or in my old high school AP Literature class with seriously my best friends in the world and I’d still blush the same.

Whenever. I. Speak.

And you know the worst part is?

I’m not even nervous!! I know what I want to say and I’m confident that what I have to say is at least somewhat useful to the conversation or discussion and yet.




Like a schoolgirl tomato on a first date.


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