Garish? Really? You Sure?

It actually takes an obscene amount of time to get from my school to anywhere worth seeing in London. The GPS says that Piccadilly Circus, which is the first place I went, was only 19-20 miles away from me, but it took close to two hours to get there. Obnoxious, I tell you.

Oh, and another thing – London seems to be doing this crazy transportation improvement project on the entire city. It affects railways, subways, buses, everything. Some aren’t running, some are running late, some are going in circles like a hamster in its cage. It’s madness. Why are they doing such a huge project so close to the Olympics?? Come on now, London. This is when you’re supposed to be impressing everyone with your awesome city! Hope you make it…

My train happened to take a detour somewhere, so I was sitting there minding my own business, facing the “front” of the train, when suddenly it starts going backwards. And then forwards again. And then the subway wouldn’t reach the place I wanted to go, so I had to take a whole ‘nother connection back to somewhere else….I don’t even know.

So after all that, this is the first sight I saw after a full hour on the subway – I cannot tell you how excited I was just to be above ground…

And then….

I found it. It’s kind of like going on a scavenger hunt, really – except you’re looking for places instead of things…okay it is a scavenger hunt. Sorry.

It’s Monday and I’m…not tired. Just loopy.

Sorry, this is poopy picture, but it’s the first thing I saw! Stood there and snapped it. Though I probably should’ve moved and snapped then….

It’s worth mentioning that though it’s called “Piccadilly Circus”, it’s (obviously) not a circus. In this case (thank you Wikipedia), circus takes the meaning of the Latin “circle”, and is understood to mean a round open space at a street junction.

Piccadilly Circus is known most for its “garish neon signs”. Coming from New Jersey (and borrowing from the fame of New York) and Shanghai, this amuses me more than anything, since what you see above are the only “garish” neon signs in the whole Circus.

The statue of Eros. I hate to sound like an uncultured American but the stories and history behind this one is just more amusing than not…

Now this statue (you might not be able to see it here) is a winged nude statue of an archer. It was originally meant to commemorate (alright, I’m pretty much plagiarizing directly from Wiki here, but I figured I’d shorten it and not make you read six pages on a statue…don’t turn me in) Lord Shaftesbury, a Victorian politician and philanthropist. When it was first installed, the London public had a field day, saying, essentially, that it was put in the trashy (theatre) part of town. Some others felt that it was too sensual for a respectable Earl…(I don’t know, weren’t most art pieces then nude?)

So instead of taking down the statue, they just renamed it to The Angel of Christian Charity, which apparently made it better, and the over-sensitive Londonians (Londoners?) shut up and got over it (because it had to do with Christianity, go figure.)

But there’s more – the statue, called The Statue of Eros, is obviously considered to depict Eros, the Greek god of love. But it was actually intended to be his twin brother, Anteros, the god of requited love. His main purpose in life eternity was to punish those who scorn love. I’m quite glad he doesn’t actually do that, since I’d rather not imagine what my punishment could be, haha –

Anyways. tl;dr – people don’t like naked archer, make him Christian instead.

I’m not really sure what these people are doing…I guess London has crazies too?

Why does every city have to have a Ripley’s?

But regardless. Happy Ripley’s man is happy.

I’m never going to get used to just turning a corner and seeing two huge landmarks down the same street…

Just walking down the middle of Piccadilly. Eh.

Okay. I’m sorry, Piccadilly, you’re just not that interesting. You’re just a busy city road with pretty buildings on each side…

Sorry. That’s all for you!

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