A Bit of A Picture Dump To Speed Up This Process..

I mean, by this point you’re sick of seeing updates and I’m sick of making them. So…let’s get this weekend over with, shall we? :)

This is at Fortnum and Masons. It’s a high end food shop (ahem, Chris) that overshadows its fancy department stores upstairs. Ouch.

I just thought these were pretty.



This guy just jumped on a moving bus. Is that even legal?? The lack of doors freaks me out a little bit…

Uh…Park Lane Hotel – reminded me of Park Place Hotel. But then, upon a quick Google search, I realized that Park Place Hotel doesn’t exist in New York, which I had assumed, but is a random hotel in Michigan.

Alright then.

Central Green Park. :D

Okay I swear I’m not a fashion addict (or anything even close to that) but I swore this was the Chanel logo…

Actually…now it’s bothering me that I don’t know what it is!

Stan? Ernie? Is that you?

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