On Being a Hermit

A solid case can, rather sadly, be made against me for being a hermit, especially these days. With the single bedroom with built-in bathroom and a kitchen in the flat, my life can essentially consist of going to class one to two hours a day, coming back, sitting in my rolly chair and talking to the internet.

Which…which it does.

So I suppose it should come as no surprise when lo and behold, my weekend in London was orchestrated by myself, for myself.

And let me just say – being a tourist on your own is really heavy. I brought these with me, along with the usual stuff (wallet, cell phone, iPod), as well as one of those so-you-think-you’re-cool-because-you-have-a-big-camera cameras. It’s heavyyy!

Anyways. The merits of traveling (exploring?) alone far outweigh theĀ detriments, though, which is why I plan on repeating this experience as often as possible. Unless it’s with a friend, of course – someone whose tastes coincide with yours, whose interests are essentially your own. Someone who you agree with on almost everything.

Yes, those people exist. They’re just not…here. :(

Right. So. Point is. Without a companion you’re free to do as you like, to explore as you like. To spend as much (or as little) time somewhere as you’d like, without having to consider other peoples’ feelings.

Sorry. That sounded a little bit more bitter than it really needed to.

I didn’t really know where I was going, so I just followed my guidebooks. I mean, hey. If they say it’s important, right?


This will be broken up into a bunch of different posts so I don’t bore the souls out of all of you.

Not that all of you have them.
^ not meant for new readers from the internet (hi!)

I’ll stop blabbing now, good bye!

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