While Waiting For This Picture To Take…

One of the things that happens when one has neither flat surfaces in the entire city nor a proper tripod to take nighttime pictures on is that one is forced to get down on her knees and balance it with both hands while steadying oneself against anything that’s available.

This leads to awkward moments like randomly sinking to the ground while other people are standing like normal people taking pictures.

And kneeling on pavement looking at pictures.

And having people peer down at you with a mix of curiosity and uncertainty.

And having some French guy named Alex come up next to me, look down at me sitting on the ground, and saying “Hi!” with a hell of a lot more cheer than I could’ve mustered in the cold like that.

He asked me to take a photo for him with the London Eye and Big Ben in the background, which I obviously obliged. I thought he’d leave then.

He didn’t.

Instead, he started talking to me.

“Are you studying here? Where are you from? What are you studying?” So on and so forth…

And then he asked if we could walk together so he could practice his English. (Oh, he’s French, on vacation to England for 10 days.)

I told him that this was my last stop for the night and that I was going back to school afterwards.

So he asked if we could meet up for drinks “next time”…

and then asked for my contact information.

……..so I gave him the email I reserve for situations like these. And walked away.

What is up with people just walking up to other people like that?? It’s so random. And off-putting. -_- I mean he was nice and all, not creepy or anything like that, but he was old! Like…late twenties old. And…idk. Guess he was just being friendly :)

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