Chronicles of the Chicken Experiment

Side Note: I’m going out tonight! That conveyed a hell of a lot more excitement than I really actually feel for going out to the pub, but hey. I’m pretty sure that one who’s leaving to go to her first night out in Europe in ten minutes should be blogging about how juicy her past three meals have been, but I’m just special like that. Wish me luck tonight! And with that out of the way…on to the chickennnnn!!

Right so I’ve been on a hunt to discovering the perfect temperature and time for making the perfect baked chicken (spread with Can’tBelieveIt’sNotButter and a bit of salt, of course). That means I get to cook myself a delicious piece of chicken every meal…all in the name of science, of course.

Now for the gratuitous macro shots!

Now with these first two pictures (same meal) everything was almost perfect – just a tiny weensy bit undercooked in the middle, nothing that I couldn’t avoid or just ignore altogether. But it was soo yum…but I made a fatal error here. I poured the rest of the sauce from the baking tray ONTO the crispy chicken skin after it came out of the oven.

What was I thinking?? Such a waste…

But loooook how yummy this is! kaw;erjiobwkljer food. I’ve never been so excited about food ever.


Now in this one, I actually seared it on the stove a bit while the oven was heating up, so the skin was super yum. Perfectly cooked too. Actually, I have no complaints about this one, except that you can’t see just how juicy and delicious this is (reference picture 2 for clarification, I swear it’s the same! I just didn’t have the right light to get it.)

Yumyumyum and all sorts of yum. Wish my oven didn’t make such a fuss when I make it though…the smoke gets everywhere and I can’t see a thing!


Anyways. I have to leave in four minutes to go to…dun dun dunnn. The Pub.

Oh how I wish “the pub” meant the pool tables back at school…but sadly enough, it means the actual alcohol-serving pub across the street. Hopefully it’ll be fun…but here goes nothing? :\

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