Boys, Look Away.

I’m sorry, but this is a girl’s blog, as much as I try to deny it usually…forgive me. Just skip over this one and go read about beer down below! This one is for my female friends who are on here :) There are a few! Very few, but a few. And it’s really only for my friends because I’m on my way to becoming a girl! You’ll see. So…not meaning anything by it! Just know – Boys, you’ve been warned.


I don’t usually do the whole shopping thing…but I mean, I’m in Europe. I get a free pass. First up – cheap nail polish!!

Heehee. There’s a heart on my nails, yes. Get over it. :P

And yes I missed on my index finger.


But yes, moving on to things that I actually got this weekend!

I went to Staines (the next town down from Egham) yesterday just so I wouldn’t have to –

Oh. I haven’t told you that story yet.

So. I was supposed to go on a (non-mandatory, don’t worry) school trip to Warwick on Saturday. Now I usually wake up at 7AM on the weekdays (I know, who AM I??) so I have an alarm set every day for 7:00 and 7:15. On Saturday, however, I figured that since we didn’t have to meet up until 9:00, I wouldn’t have to wake up until 8:30-ish, so after hitting snooze on my 7:15 alarm, I went back to sleep.

And then at 7:20, I turned it off.

And then, at 9:00, I bolted upright in bed, looked at the clocked, and promptly flipped out.

And then I was sad because I missed the trip. :(

So I went to Staines so I wouldn’t have to spend a weekend in Europe sitting in my room like a loser, even though that’s pretty much what I did anyway…




Up first – I went to H&M! H&M here is kind of like F21 back home – but the stuff is better. It’s cheaper than H&M back home, which I see as kind of like an upscale F21? I don’t know. I don’t shop enough to form opinions about clothing store niches. Anyway. Being as Asian as I am, I always go for the sale stuff, and H&M here has some pretty good stuff for not so expensive! Even better than F21 if you want to buy anything that’s not a poorly made tank top. :P

So – I got my first ever pair of skinny jeans! I know, I know. About half a decade late to the party, but I got here eventually. I’m not a huge fan of them, though, gotta say. Still prefer my 90s bell bottoms but hey. I tried.

I believe these were £7. Not bad, yeah?

Dress. Oh. Just as a testament to how fail I am at shopping, I couldn’t figure out if the zipper was supposed to go in the front or in the back – the first time I tried it on I just assumed it went in the back and it looked fine, but when I came home the tag was on the opposite side and I got really confused…

But whatever. I like it. Kinda short, but meh. I’m 19, I’ll use it eventually!


Sneakers because the only pair of sneakers I brought with me were bright blue knock-off Vans from Shanghai, and they weren’t really going to match with anything that isn’t holey bell bottom jeans and oversized boy sweaters.

£5 :)

£2.99 – English people really like markets. So when I went on Saturday to Staines, I got an indoor mall, a walkable strip mall, and a market. There was like a whole building of mall, kind of like the usual Willowbrook or something, but that was in a Woodbury-esque place, which had a bunch of markets (think…I don’t even know. Flea markets? in the US?) going down the middle of it. There was this one market that just had bags of all types, all for £3.99! And this one was even less because it was the last of its kind. Not complaining :)

£3.99, because unlike at Bentley, I don’t need to bring two textbooks, two binders, and a huge computer with me every time I go to class. Smaller backpack, fewer back problems. Oh, and did I mention? I’m 19 years old and I’m breaking. I blame ballet.

I also found out that though I forced myself to go into the dressing room TWICE at H&M (those of you who have been shopping with me know how much of a feat that is…) that’s the extent of my patience for trying things on. After that stop at H&M I couldn’t bring myself to get more clothes, take my current ones off, try those on, and repeat the same tedious process over again.

So I just went for things that didn’t require changing!

£3 GIANT EARMUFFS. (plus 25% off student discount~)

England isn’t cold. England is just hella windy. And when that wind blows, man, my ears feel like they’re going to fall off. Yay for earmuffs that prevent the loss of hearing :)

£2 Just a hat with a big pom pom because I like hats with big pom poms. The one I have now is from Kenny! :) He mailed it to me two years ago for Christmas and when I got back from Vegas it was sitting on my doorstep covered in snow but it had candy and a letter and a hat :) <3

(& 25%)

£5 slippers like the ones I had at school :) It’s not cold here in my room because I keep the heat on at the highest setting at all times, but being on the ground floor means the floor is colllddd in the mornings! And at night.

(25% here too!)

You’re going to laugh at me for this one. The past few things have all been from a place called Dorothy Perkins (Oh, side note! I never realized how important a store’s reputation is to me when I’m shopping. At home I know exactly what Abercrombie is, and what I would find if I went there, which I never do. I know what kind of clothes F21 has and what kind of customer it caters to, and likewise, I never go into Ann Taylor by myself because that’s more my mom’s kind of store. Coming here, I don’t know what any of the stores are and more often than not I’d wander into a place, look around and realize that everyone in there is like a middle aged, overweight English mother who just wants clothes to cover her body when she’s cooking. But it takes a while and usually they’re looking at me funny before I realize that I’ll never find anything I want here and rush out.)

Yeah. SO. Shoes.  £10! Except did you notice something wrong with these shoes? ((25%, by the way..)

I didn’t. Not until I came back and went to take  a picture of them…

And then I realized…

I got two of the right shoe.


Don’t laugh at me.

And what’s worse…I got two of the right shoe in different sizes.

I’m telling you. I suck at this shopping thing.

So naturally I had to go back and exchange one of them for the left shoe, but given public transportation issues, I was left with another hour and a half there today. So…I went back to H&M. Shopping still sucks, and we’re not friends, but we’re getting to know each other. ;)

Dress!  £7. It’s not as long as it seems to appear here (maybe it’s just me?) But it comes to my knee  (shorter at the front and longer in the back.) Oh, and the sizes here throw me off…I always go looking for my US size but the smallest size in the UK is a size 8, which is pretty much give or take my size in the US, so both days I would flip through the racks casting off everything because it was too big, then realizing halfway through that no, they weren’t too big, they were in my size. And I’d have to go through it again.

First world problems, I know.

But it’s strapless and it has frills.

Aren’t you proud of me? :)

But of course I can’t give up a nice solid pair of flared jeans I can wear to school every day for  £10 either. Probably my favorite purchase of the weekend. Come on, I’m still a tomboy at heart. <3

LOL My first straightener!! You can’t tell here but this thing is literally the size of my cell phone. It’s tinnny. But the sticker said it was  £6 so I figured I’d try my hand at this straightening thing for once…(it turned out that it was  £4 and with my student discount it was only  £3 heehee) Bargain shopping. It’s like crack.

And that, my friends, is the end of my account of my first real shopping trip, ever. I’m considering baking myself a cake to commemorate the occasion.

Until tomorrow, then, good night :)

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