My First Beer

So I said I was going out last night Friday night, right? Yes, I’m 19 years old, in a country where it’s legal to drink and last night Friday was the first night I went out to the pubs. Sue me.

I had a beer.

It was called the Windsor Knot, and was “an English brew”.

I have no idea what an “English brew” is, or what distinguishes that from any other nationality of brew. What is a US brew? I have no idea.

But I do know one thing – it tasted foul. It tasted awful. It tasted like nothing that is drank for leisure should ever, ever taste.

I told my friend I got a beer and he says, “how many sips did you take before making someone else finish it?”

While accurately portraying what I wanted to do…


I finished it. It was disgusting.

Never again. The conversation wasn’t fun, though I admit I may be a bit biased, given my past “drinking” experiences…How I wish this could be done with friends instead of strangers.

But no matter, I have proved that I can drink a beer.

Now back to staying in on Friday nights and re-reading self indulgent Austen from my Kindle.

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