The Evils of Meat

Sorry bout that – certainly feels like forever since I’ve come here, though it’s really only been three days. Not that any of you really watch this carefully enough to notice when something’s not showing, up, but no matter. I like to flatter myself sometimes.

This has been a rather dull, rather terrible week/weekend/last week, wouldn’t you say? It’s just…not a fun time to be. Everything seems suckish, but I blame that on the weather and the single bedroom. But enough whining, I, as a 19 year old healthy girl studying abroad in London, do not have the right to.

Right. So…I suppose the right thing to do would be to show you (like on all weekdays) what I’ve been attempting to feed myself with?

Lamb steak and mushrooms :) And a giant bowl of strawberries. Yum.

This is a Rolo pudding cup. I had to ask my flatmate if it was meant to be eaten cold or hot and then I felt dumb afterwards.

Dinner the next day was some beef and those noodle things you use in hotpot? I don’t know how to explain…but they’re in knots and I love them :)

Stack of meat for ten pounds because I’m boss…

Until I have to start reading for my 19th Century History of Europe essay and the book tells me that meat is evil.

Vegetarians, rejoice!

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