I should be writing an essay right now.

I’ve been trying to write this essay…all day, in fact, but nothing comes to me. Although if I was honest with myself, nothing really needs to “come to me”, it’s a history paper, not a literary critique or god forbid some sort of philosophy mumbo jumbo (I hated Philosophy 101…who requires philosophy classes in a business school??).

Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve been required to write a paper from just a question – my school back home usually has sections and headers and categories under which we write about…well, in which we explain the process that was used to do some business related research or other.

Very cut and dry. Answer the question and you’re done. Business professors don’t go for the flowery writing, or even proper use of first or second person perspectives. They just want you to answer the damn question with as few words as they really have to read so everyone can get on with their lives.

Well..except for Berdrow (hi Allen).

…maybe that’s what these professors want too, but somehow I don’t really think so…

It’s just a history paper.

I just need to answer the question. But there’s footnotes (that I was never, ever, required to do), specific cover pages (with some sort of History department seal on it???), and Chicago citations to learn. Chicago? Harvard? All I know is MLA, man – for all we complain about the italicizing/underlining debate (remember Zepka and her obsession with the 7th edition when it came out that year?), I’m a pretty big fan of MLA. Straightforward and to the point, unless you have to go about citing and object or something (insert typical Zepka rant here).

Remember when we used to have English 8th period with Massa and we’d write every essay the period before during lunch and still pull off decent grades? Those were the days…

2500 words. They go by words here, and don’t have specific rules about fonts-

Oh! I’ve been meaning to complain about this for a while now and never actually got the chance…I mean, it really would require someone from Par Hills (Honors/AP?) English classes to understand my tirade, but eh. Whatever.

Apparently the whole 1 inch margin, double spaced, size twelve Times New Roman thing isn’t universal…or maybe our English department was just better than those of some other kids at Bentley because I swear I’ve heard more than my fair share of kids telling each other that “Century Gothic makes your paper longer”….wasn’t that like. 7th grade??

Such nonsense. Well it doesn’t really matter here, since everything goes by word count…although I did ask one girl and she told me that they usually go by size eleven Cambria. Cambria! Size 11!! Do you know how exciting that is? It was the format of my notes all through college. *sighs happily*

I’m sorry I made you read all that.

I just needed to sit down and type something without deleting it a couple minutes later…so I essentially used you all.

Don’t hate me please…

I’m now off to write about the standard of living of late 19th century Europeans.

And you know what the most embarrassing part about now being able to properly write this paper is?


…I already have all my research done!! That’s more than I can say for any and every research paper from high school, hahah~




PS: I have looots of pictures from Bath, and I realize that I haven’t posted all weekend but that’s mainly because I couldn’t sit upright on my bed (more on that later)…I’ll get it up as soon as I finish this essay! And by god, if I can write a four page paper for Massa in Junior year in 40 minutes, I can write a four page paper now. It’s only 9! In high school, we wouldn’t even have looked at the prompt by 9. Leggo.

PPS: Remember, Daddy, you promised! Shhhh~~

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