Am I The Only One To Find This Obnoxious?

This is one of the printers at my library. My library, Bedford Library, at the Royal Holloway University of London. Do you notice something off? Anything?  Maybe that it’s in Chinese?! Come on.

That’s just obnoxious. There’s four printers, and unlike the Bentley printers, you have to be able to read the screen to choose options and such. So when the Chinese students think it’s in their right to change the language of the printer screens to Chinese on three of the four printers, I think that’s just obnoxious. I mean, of course you can argue that a logical university student would be able to use the machine without reading the words, since they’ve been there for at least a semester already and the UI isn’t all that complicated, and one could argue that I shouldn’t complain since I can read it anyway (though I must say that would be a terribly weak argument)…

Come on now. That’s just obnoxious. You’re in a different country, you’re the visitor here, so you have no right to go around changing publicly used equipment to suit your needs! And don’t get me wrong, I love Chinese culture, Chinese people, whatever, just as much as the next ABC (probably more, for those of you who know anything about me) but there’s a line, a point after which even I’m just like…ugh.

I swear every time I go to print something at least one of the printers is in Chinese and all I can think is – what do people think of you? If I’m being so hard on you, what are the university students who can’t use the printers because you changed the language on the equipment going to think?

It’s just embarrassing is all.


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