Chronicles of Attempting to Feed Myself, Part XIV

So since the Bath updates are going to take ages (I have 100+ pictures. Are you even ready?) I figured I’d start with the little stuff first and get it out of the way? Cool.

Not gonna lie. I’m getting a little bit sick of meat and mushrooms. Lamb steak and mushrooms. Still delicious, but meh.

Peking Duck wrap from the campus store on the way to a two hour class. I just thought it was amusing that they had a warning: “This product may contain small bones.”

It wasn’t terrible…wasn’t good, though, either. And still mad expensive.

Fish balls! Yumyum, I got so excited when I saw these at the market last week (speaking of which…I totally forgot to go to the market today. Whoops. That’s what happens when you don’t have class, everything goes out of whack…) reminded me of FAN205 and hotpot with friends :) <3

Meh. This looks good but it wasn’t. Lol I think it was cod kiev with garlic butter sauce? $1.50 for two, and it was so bland and icky I threw the other one away.

Fish balls with mushrooms and vegetables. I swear all my food looks unhealthy because I like mushrooms so much and they aren’t green! That made sense in my head, I promise.

And come on now, what would a halfayearope food post be without my chicken? Yeah, I kinda went all out when I made these – hadn’t eaten the whole day, so I baked two. But yeah. I don’t think I’m made to eat two. I mean, I ate it, since otherwise it’d be a waste of heavenly chicken (see next picture) but still. Guh, full.

First world problems, huh?

Wanna know a secret? I have a thing for shrimp. Any kind of shrimp, really, but even this plasticky tasting cocktail shrimp that comes in the rounds on ice at the supermarket, you know? Everytime I pass by my neighborhood Pathmark at home I always want to get some but I mean…it’s cocktail shrimp. Really low quality shrimp for a really high price, so I ignore it and move on.

But I was at Iceland the other day and these were there and I wanted shrimp, goddamnit, so. I got shrimp.


Tiny mini fruit pies. 10 seconds in the microwave and they’re all warm and gooey and yummy. I like.

Seeee, I’ve been eating just fine. :)

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