I ran out of toilet paper.

The center aisles at Tesco’s is where all the sale stuff is. And since I’m a “broke college student” studying abroad way beyond my means, that’s the only place I ever look for anything. So when I went to get toilet paper and this was on the sale rack, I kinda just went with it, didn’t think too much and put it in my basket.

When I came home and went to pop it in the roll holder thing…I realized….

I bought pink toilet paper.

Pink. Legit pink toilet paper. Why does this stuff even exist?? Who wakes up one day and thinks, “hm. Toilet paper. I like the stuff, it’s useful. But you know what would make it even more useful? If it was pink.”

Wtf. AND it’s scented too.

I’m beside myself.

Since we’re on the topic of useless things anyway…let’s talk about Valentine’s Day!


I found this amusing…(I mean, don’t get me wrong, the cake is super cute and all, but it’s just….)

“Just the two of us…”

“Serves 4”.

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