In every pack of variety foods there’s always that one flavor that is just plain icky.

In Skittles it’s (for me, I know the majority of you will think I’m crazy) it’s the red Skittle.
In a box of Lay’s it’s the Salt and Vinegar bags.
In a nut mix it’s the boring, boring, ever so boring peanuts.

And in anything gummy, it’s those white spongey gummies. You know the ones I’m talking about?

I don’t like the spongey white. It’s icky. It’s just. Too. Spongey.

You know?

And there are so many.

Another thing – who makes eggs into gummies?? I know, I know, a lot of companies make gummy eggs, but I never understood why – what part of an egg, a protein-filled egg, makes it good gummy material? Strawberries, fruit-shapes, even Coke I understand, but eggs??

I don’t get it.

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