It’s amusing how quickly people can become friendly in email when you’re friendly. I had to email some admin people back at school in Massachusetts and their first reply emails were curt, but once you wish them a good weekend you get things like this instead:


Haha for…TMI purposes I won’t include what our emails were about before, but I assure you, they had bullet points and bolded, underline, and italicized points of clarification in a no-nonsense tone of voice, which I suppose is expected from a university admin, and I’m not complaining about it or anything, and they were really very nice even when they were talking to me in the bolded, underlined, italicized text, but still.

Everything ended with a period. This and that. That and this. Thanks.

And then…exclamation points haha :) Made me happy.


Or maybe I just look into things too much.

That could be it too.

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