The Chronicles of Bath, Part I – Getting There & Back

Yes. It has happened. After a full week of dillydallying I’ve finally gotten around to doing this. I suppose the only thing I have to say for myself is…”I HAD ESSAYYYSSS” but even that sounds week when you consider that I didn’t have class for a full week either…sorry.

So attempting to remember my trip today, okay? This is why I swore I’d blog the day of, because otherwise I just forget. Like now. :P Ugh. I’m getting old.

Getting anywhere from RHUL, getting anywhere in London, period, is quite a pain. From RHUL I had to:

  •  Walk to the Englefield Green bus station (10 min)
  • Take a bus to Heathrow Airport (25 min?)
  • Walk to second station within the airport (7 min)
  • Take a train to London Paddington Station
  • Wait at Paddington (which is half outdoors, by the way) for an hour and a half (fine, just over-cautious planning on my part)
  • Take final train to Bath (2.5 hours)

That’s hardly better than my commute to get back home from Boston! But that commute’s always so much better, since I don’t have to bring anything with me (oh yeah. I overpacked.) and I know that at the end of the day I just need to sit in my parents’ car and wait for them to drive me home where I can take a nice hot shower without flip flops on. And besides. I like getting off in New York.

It makes me happy.

This is when I was on the train to Paddington…I don’t know why but I got carsick on every method of transport that weekend, for some reason…it was odd. Miserable and odd.

You know what I think is cruel? Making arrivals and departures share a terminal. I mean, there’s people hugging and laughing and being happy at the arrivals, and then tears and such at the departures. Couldn’t you just separate them? Goodness.

Getting off at Paddington Station…say what I might about the transport itself, but at least everything’s pretty.

I told you it was half outdoors. Pigeons, pigeons everywhere.

This was my trip back – which was even worse, if you can believe it…

  • Walk to train station from hostel (15 min)
  • Get told that I have to take a bus to another train station instead
  • Walk to bus station
  • Get on a bus to Swindon station (1 hour?)
  • Get on Swindon station train to London (1.5 hours?)
  • Take subway (see below) for 9 stops, with switch in between
  • Get off at London Waterloo station, look for train to Egham
  • Told that because of construction, I’ll have to take it to Houndslow (?) and then take a bus from there
  • Take train to Houndslow, get confused by train and direction (I swear it never changed direction but suddenly instead of saying it was going to Houndslow, it was going to Waterloo again??)
  • Miss my stop
  • Get off, loop around to the opposite platform, ride train back to Houndslow
  • Get off, wait 15 min in the freezing cold for a bus to take us back to Egham
  • Sit on musky bus for 30 min (get carsick)
  • Get off, realize that Egham is too cheap to get people to shovel away the slush (the worst kind, you know? It’s not fluffy like fresh snow, but not liquidy and melted yet, just…gross. Slushy. And I had a rolling suitcase. A small one!!)
  • Give up and call a taxi back to school.

Call me spoiled (I did) but I was not waiting another two hours for a bus to drive me from Egham to school…or walking there myself at 10 PM. Nope. Not happening.



But on another note: check out these subway seats!!


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