The Chronicles of Bath, Part II – The Sleeping Place

I’m not sure I can correctly convey how…comforting it was to step off that train after four hours of transportation and see “BATH SPA”.

Actually – I can. It was so comforting I had to stop and take a picture of it even though people were staring and thinking, “…tourist“.

It didn’t take long to get to the YMCA International House – I didn’t realize that YMCA could be anything except a gym and a place where four year olds go to learn how to swim, haha – but it was nice. It was a short walk from the train station (but I mean. Bath from end-to-end is a short walk itself, so I guess that wasn’t really a very..insightful detail), but it was freezing the first night I got there and I was in no mood to pull out my camera on the street and take pictures.

I got a fourteen girl room…all to myself. Again, it wasn’t exactly the most popular time to be traveling last weekend…

So I changed beds.

Bed #1…

Stairs going up, cute, right? All…rustic looking. Idk. It reminded me of elementary school hallways.

Bed #2…(I actually made this one all nice before realizing that I couldn’t sleep without the safety of my computer beside me, and there was no where to put it, so…)

The second day when I finally dragged myself out of bed and took a picture of the place. It was cozy, really. I liked.

Ooh! I forgot to edit a picture of the bathroom. And quite frankly, I’m too lazy to –

Oh fine. Just because I know if I don’t do it now these pictures will just get lost in the heap and never be looked at again. So.

Look how colorful the bathroom was! It was so cute. And it was small so I had that problem of not really being able to capture correctly on film how small it was or really how it looked…you know what I’m talking about right? Anyways. The showers and sinks were really tiny but sectioned off, so I guess when there were actually more than one person there they’d have a little bit more privacy. As it stood, however…

The showers. Were so nice. Yeah the were so small I had trouble reaching up to wash my hair, but the water was so warm…for such a long time…my RHUL showers run out of lukewarm water within five minutes, and I thought I showered fast enough for a girl! (3 – 7 minutes approximately, from dressed to dressed again. ^^)

I miss those showers.

Some guy standing outside the entrance…this place looked really sketch when it’s 11 o’clock at night and it’s cold and the only light is from beyond the archway…just saying. They shouldn’t make it so creepy. It’s like voluntarily walking into a dark alleyway. Except of course it’s not, it’s just an unassuming international house for students, but still. Not nice.

And it was snowing!!

Bed #3.

I moved the desk over because I am addicted to my computer and cannot bear to be without it. And there was too much dust going into my fan when I put it on the chairs. :P Speaking of which..I need to buy compressed air.

And also – heehee look how neat it is! Yes everything is there! It’s just how I left it when I went out during the day! /gleeful

Except I could’ve made the bed more neatly. But it’s hard making a bunk bed! And also. I’m too tall for a bunk bed. At least the lower bunk…

It was cold. This is everything I wore…at any given time. All at the same time. I also walked around for hours in the cold, so. Igloo badge?

:) Yeah my jeans got wet from the snow. Lots of snow.

Okay that’s a lot of pictures. Too bad I have like. 70 more to go! -_-

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