The Chronicles of Bath, Part III – Mastication. ;)

Sorry anyone who has to scroll through everything…these picture posts are getting rather long, so I’m going to put in those dreaded (Click Here To Read More!) buttons…don’t hate meeeeeee~~~

Anyways. This is what I ate the night before leaving for Bath – they’re little chocolates for Tesco’s! Not a misspelled “from”, mind you, they’re actually made for Tesco’s. It says so on the box. And they’re so cute! I don’t know what they’re actually called, but they’re the little “Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Stubborn, etc.” characters, you know?

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

They’re so cuteeee! /squeal

How decadent does this look? Yumyum strawberries and vanilla pudding…it’s another flavor of that Rolo pudding I had a couple posts back, if you remember? I don’t remember what it’s called though…but it was yum.

This was last weekend at the train station, and all the Valentine’s Day roses were gone – whoops for all the boys who forgot, hahaha~

This was at one of the Sainsburys (?) at the train station. I was so close to getting one of those bags of chicken wings at the bottom…they looked so yummy…but really messy. So I got something else instead. I wish they sold this at American supermarkets though. How legit would that be?

two seconds later-

Oh. They do. They just sell them as whole chickens. So I guess edited should be “I wish they sold hot meals at American supermarkets.”

I never see these giant size Toblerone’s (among other varieties) anywhere except at airports or train stations – what about leaving a place screams that people want to buy giant sized candy? Are they going to give these to people when they arrive at their destination? Or are they just looking to get super cozy with the chocolate on the train ride there? And what about normal supermarkets doesn’t make them a good place to have giant chocolate bars? Cus I mean if I were to want a giant chocolate bar (like I do right now) I’d rather buy it at my local supermarket instead of at the train station where I have to lug it around for the rest of my trip, right?


Yeah, so instead of getting chicken wings…I just got Burger King instead. Five weeks without fast food, man. I was craving it. Call me American all you want but that stuff (as bad as it is) tastes pretty good, doesn’t it? :)


This is where I went for lunch the next day…it started snowing while I was eating…I always eat alone when I’m at home at the cafeteria, or at fast food places, but it’s kind of new to go somewhere fancy and eat alone. I sat next to one couple who looked like they were on a first date and another couple who looked like they’d been dating for years and years and years…the first date couple looked reallly awkward.

Reminded me of that time I went with a friend to Good Smell Good Curry and we were sitting next to a row of obvious couples…when we weren’t one ourselves…it was kind of amusing. And I’m pretty sure we had a lot more fun than the other pairs had combined. Ouch.

Hi A :)

So yeah. This was Jamie’s Italian restaurant at Bath. My first celebrity chef restaurant. Meh. I mean, I’m not into food in the first place, so it wasn’t all that impressive to me, but I suppose if you brought me to the best restaurant in New York I wouldn’t be too impressed either. Sorry, foodie friends.

Uh…some sort of mushroom dish? It was just mushrooms and cheese on top.

I mean, if you put cheese on anything it tastes good, right?

Uh…the pasta? Some sort of clam thing? I don’t know anymore, and I don’t, quite frankly, care all that much…yeah. It was sour tasting. I  mean, in a this-meant-to-taste-sour kind of way, not a this-went-bad kind of way, cus then that would be really bad on the restaurant, wouldn’t it?

It was fine, lol, but I could’ve made pasta I liked better by myself, lolol…I’m really not a foodie. I’m sorry.

Downstairs at the restaurant…it just looked cool. :)

Afterwards, it started blizzarding. It wasn’t a terribly cold storm, just a very white one, so I figured I’d go back to the room and chill for a while before heading back out again. It turns out that the snow didn’t feel like stopping, so I had to venture out at 8 at night looking for food (that sounded so pathetic lolol) and after wandering around deserted streets, this was the first thing I found.

I walked past the window, saw a bunch of people looking cozy with their significant others or best friends, and kept walking…got to the end of the street and decided that I was hungry enough to brave being alone on a Saturday night, so I turned around and walked back in.

Turns out that they didn’t have any places left for me to sit, but like I said, it was still snowing out, and I guess I looked like a lonely traveler girl walking in from the blizzard by herself looking for some food, so the waiter got someone to bring in a table and a chair from the store next door (which was owned by the same guy) to set up a place for me <3

Soo nice.

So yeah. I have a thing for appetizers, lol, so I always get one even if I’m eating alone…I don’t remember what this was, exactly, but I vaguely recall the description saying something along the lines of “One of Italy’s favorite dishes!”

Yeah, I’m the customer who gets lured in by descriptions like that. Sue me.

So I got this…it was cheesy and squishy. That’s all I know. And I mean. Cheese. Cheese is good. :)

THIS PIZZA. They gave me a whole entire pizza. Well I mean, I ordered a whole entire pizza, but that’s what everyone else was ordering, so it’s not like I had any other options. This was mushrooms and prosciutto. That much I remember. I also remember that it was delicious and that I was really sad when I couldn’t finish it. :(

Look how good this is.

Ugh, it’s 12:14 AM and I’m food blogging. Not a good idea.

But another thing about this pizza is that it wasn’t sliced into separate pieces, and you weren’t supposed to slice the whole thing into separate pieces either (unless the entire restaurant was eating it incorrectly? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong?) You just dig in and peck away at it as much as you can, slicing from the pie as a whole.

I mean, however you cut it, it was still delicious.

Since Bath is so tiny, I walked by the place again (like four more times) the next day and got a proper picture of it. It’s cute, no?

And as I walked by, the waiter from the night before was standing by his spot at the window and he waved at me :)

Oh. This…this is a bit embarrassing. So I’m used to people getting up and doing their jobs by 8AM in the United States, right? I’m not really used to having to wait for food, or at least there’s always some sort of breakfast place open, even if the Longhorn isn’t going to be open at 11. So on the last day, when I meant to get tea at Sally Lunn’s (a really old place that’s a landmark at Bath) for breakfast/brunch, I didn’t expect them to turn me away until 11:30 AM…

So I got there at around 10:45, and was told they don’t open till later, so I had to duck in somewhere to wait to be fed…so I got ice cream.

At 10:45 AM.


Don’t judge…

Sally Lunn’s, everyone. They’re known for their buns? I don’t know, it just seemed like buttery bread to me, but they’re so famous they’re sold separately at a gift shop under their main store. -_-

At least it was cute. This was called the Jane Austen Room…
I got kinda hungry by the time they gave me a menu…so I made like a horsey and ate sugar cubes.

 I got the lunch value meal thing…this was the soup. Blah soup, with some nice bread, but it was still just soup and bread. Oh, and I got coffee too, if you can see that…

Some sort of steak and mushroom casserole on bread. I told you all UK foods are lumpy and ploppy

Even their desserts were ploppy…this apple pie was not good. It was sour. Reallllly sour.

And the last thing…I really like this soda. I wish we had it in the US. It’s like a mix between Sprite and Mountain Dew, but a little more natural tasting, though I’m sure it’s just as bad for me as the American ones are.

Whew. That was a long post.

I’m not doing the rest tonight, lol…see y’all tomorrow? :)

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