The Chronicles of Bath, Part V – Stuffnthings

Hee. Guess what I did to my nails. But it was before I left for Bath, don’t you worry. Strawberry! :D

Yep. I did it. I got them. Colored contacts. I mean, come on, I’m an Asian girl, I have to at least try them, right? And they were on sale anyways. I tried them on when I got back (got them in grey, btw), and they looked ridiculous, so I laughed at myself, wrote it off as something to cross off my bucket list, and went on with my day.

Hey. I’m 19. I have to do it soon or else the opportunity will expire!!

I’ll put them in once again to take pictures and then that’ll be that. :)

So I really don’t like touristy souvenirs. You know, the ones with the place name imprinted somewhere on it? I guess I kinda did when I was younger, or when I was with my parents, but now that I have to spend (what feels like) my own money to buy things (yeah I still live off my parents….sigh. Just a few more years.), I hate spending on stuff that I feel like I’ll never use again, ever.

So instead of buying something that said “BATH” on it in great big gilded gold letters, I popped into a stationery shop an hour before my train was going to leave and got myself a notebook and some colored pencils.

:) Yayyy, these I like.

And also…when did TV shows start making perfume??

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