The Chronicles of Bath, Part VI – Storefronts

I like cute stores with cute storefronts.

Like this, though it’s not really a storefront, per se, but it was in front of a store. Close enough, right?

Note: Those little gray circle stickers on the postcards? They say “I’m a textured postcard!”

How cute.

Lol, “White 衣 Stuff”, white clothing stuff? With cows in the window? Wut.

Itchy feet. That is all.

Omg. It took so much not to go just go in here…they had a sushi bar. I want sushi right now.

It’s a good thing that RHUL puts wasabi on all their sushi beforehand, so I won’t be tempted to buy it…it’s like $4 (pounds) just for a six-piece box of sushi. Salmon sushi. Ripoff.

This place was recommended by some guides, but it was so packed…

Cute, no?

Kiss The Frog Again.

It just amused me to see FCUK (yes, I know, it’s not the other one) in such a proper setting.

I’ve always wondered – how to Christmas stores manage to stay open the whole year?

And again…glad to know that Chinese restaurant owners never do get much more creative with their names than this.

“Recovery breakfast”. As (even a nondrinking) college student, I think hangover. Is it supposed to mean something else?

Hahah they all started staring at me after a while lolol

“Why is that lone Asian girl taking a picture of usssss gahhhhh”

But don’t they look sad?

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