The Chronicles of Bath, Part VII – Touristy Pride

I went on a tour of Bath. Well, to be clear, I went on a Jane Austen tour of Bath. I was supposed to go to the Mayor’s Free Tour, but that started at 10AM and it was too cold. (Okay, it started at 10AM and I kind of missed it, but it really was too cold to walk around for two hours anyway. I got bored of the Jane Austen tour after an hour. I mean, no offense, but it’s Bath. There’s baths, and there’s cobblestone roads, and then there’s stone buildings. That’s pretty much it. Pretty, but not much to tour, you know?)

Anyway. I went on the Jane Austen tour, thinking that I’d enjoy it more than the straight up historical tour (another way to make myself feel better about missing the first one, don’t mind me), and this little lady was my tourguide.

Isn’t she cute?

This was a couple that was on the tour as well…I kinda felt bad for the guy – the girl was so into it, as you can guess, but the guy was just…bored looking. If I were her I would’ve let him listen to his iPod or something. Goodness. Or you know what, let him do whatever he wants for an hour while you follow an old lady around talking about Jane Austen. Poor guy. He was the only bit of testosterone we had :(

Hahahaha Bath Hop On Hop Off tour buses. Why?? Why? I don’t even know. For New York, I understand, and for maybe any other city, but for BATH? I can walk the entirety of bath in under an hour, stopping to take five hundred pictures along the way – why do you need this bus? Multiples of this bus, may I add, I’m sure I saw at least a half dozen!

I wonder how business is going…

I really like taking pictures of people taking pictures.

New page here because I can..?

So…this is the bath that gave Bath its name. Ancient Romans used to bathe here, as did Europeans up until the 1970s. Historically cool, yes. The idea of so many people bathing in the water and then drinking it? Not so much. (See below)

Kinda cool, right? Remains and such.

I mean, I’m no historian, and I won’t go through my daily life thinking about this stuff, but when I’m there, when I’m at the site, it really does sometimes hit me that I’m next to something that people thousands of years ago built with their bare hands. Or bathed in. Or whatever the situation might be. And then I feel all small and humble inside…

And then the museum ends and I go back to thinking I’m the center of the universe.

I’m sorry, it’s an American teenager thing…I hope I’ll grow out of it soon.

I just found it amusing that they sold Harry Potter in…….uh…(Harrius Potter…what is that?) Latin.

I’m educated, I swear. Just not in languages.

Haha “Do not touch the water”…sad thing is, this was put under a staircase, where no one would really see it unless…unless you were weird like me. So while I was taking this picture at least four people walked by and touched the water anyway.


Wow. China friendship tokens in Bath, UK. Way to go, China.

Right. So there was this thing, where if you bought a ticket to the Baths, you got a free glass of water. From the baths.

I stood there for a while, contemplating as to whether I really wanted to drink this stuff…but at the end of the day, I was there, you know? And it’s not like some water would harm me in any way, especially if so many people were drinking it…

So I drank it.

And it was warm.

And tasted gross.

But it was famous. So I guess that fixes that.

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