I Apparently Didn’t Learn Colors in Kindergarten.

My room is really dreary. There’s no color in here except the musty gray green of the carpet, and the weather is gloomy all the time too. It’s not healthy.

So I decided that I’d go to Staines this weekend and get myself some color in the form of living things.

Flowers and plants, to be exact.

So I came home with these…

 I apparently have issues when it comes to picking out things with color…I just gravitate towards the whitest or blackest of what’s available…personality, I suppose. I only got the purple one because it was 3 for $2 and I was getting two anyway.

I hope these don’t die on me…

On another note.

I went to H&M again (I really like H&M here for some reason) and got a pack of rings, but most importantly, I got the pack of black bangles that I’ve been wanting since 2008.

Yeah. Since 2008. I got a pack of black bangles (not these exact ones, but pretty close) for Christmas of 2006 and I loved those things like there was no tomorrow. I went through a bit of an emo period through late middle/early high school, where I rebelliously wore eyeliner (very badly, I might add) during school, dressed in all black and had bangs.

Lolol it was a fun time.

Anyways, as you can imagine, black bangles were a staple to any suburban emo child’s clothing selection, so I wore the crap out of those every day. Come 2008, they were chipped and I was missing probably half of the original set, and so when I went to Europe and saw them at H&M (yeah apparently I liked H&M back then too), I was super close to getting them, but decided against it on account of the long line and $3.99 price tag.

And then for four years, I wished I’d gotten them for the little residual emo child in me.

When I saw this set three weeks ago when I first went, I  passed, thinking I’d outgrown that stage…but I still wanted them.

So I figured that four years of thinking about wanting an item priced at about $6 USD gives me the right to go ahead and buy them.

So I did.

And I’m happy. :)

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