My Room Broke.

So that happened.

Three days ago, my heater broke in the middle of the day. I didn’t notice until nighttime, but by that time it was already freezing, so I waited till the next day to try and get it fixed…reported it to the student residential center, and they marked it down (using paper and pen, of course) in a little binder of complaints.

I thought since it’s the dead of winter, you know, they’d get on that and maybe manage to fix it within the day?

Six hours later, after class, lunch, and a library run, still nothing. So I went back and asked again, maybe to check if I’m not just being idiotic..

They said there was a backlog of maintenance jobs that would translate to a 3-4 day delay…for heating…in the middle of February.


So instead, they gave me a temporary heater:

And then, a day after I filed that compliant, my light broke. There’s only one overhead light in the room, and it broke. So now everything after 4PM is done by the desk lamp.

That was yesterday.

Today at 10AM, suddenly everything just plonked. Died. Dead. Gone. Useless. The electricity went off, the internet didn’t work…I thought it was my room again, but got so frustrated that I just up and left for Staines instead of filing a complaint.

Turns out that RHUL is doing electrical maintenance and half the campus shut down this morning. At 10AM on a Saturday. From 10AM to 1PM.

…I’m sorry, but if Bentley ever had to do electrical maintenance, I’m pretty sure it’d be during a break…or if it was an emergency, at least in the middle of the night, not during the afternoon on a weekend!


So…not even annoyed, it’s just…wow.

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