…what can I say? Life in my room is boring and bland.


  • They still haven’t fixed my heater.
  • They still haven’t fixed my lights.
  • I got fairy lights to fix it myself (more on that later).
  • I ran out of food.
  • I went to get food.
  • I now have food.
  • The guy who works at Coffee & Cake, the go-to lunch place on campus, is named Cam.

I’m so procrastinating.

Fine, fine – actually interesting updates.

I’m going to Cambridge and Oxford this weekend (two day trips over Saturday and Sunday), and then we’re heading to Edinburgh next Friday and Dublin the week after that. As for the month break in between, we’ve pretty much decided to do a Portugal/Spain/France/Belgium tour of Europe for about a week and a half, head back to school to study for another week or so, and then hit up Italy for the last big trip of the semester.


First trip is in red, and second is in yellow.


All of Italy.


Well…as much as we can manage in two weeks, anyway.

And I mean, as for the other places (Amsterdam, Switzerland (ooh I really wanted to go to Switzerland…whoops.), Germany, etc.,) I have four exams over the course of one and a half months. I’m sure I can fit others in after I’ve written my hand off in 12 hours of exams, right?

Essay exams.


I miss Bentley.

But yay :)

  1. Cool trip plans :) have fun!!

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