People Calling Me Odd Things Apparently Makes Me Happy.

So it’s been a while since anything that’s happened around campus has mattered to me enough that I would feel the need to tell you guys, but something HAPPENED today!! (Yes and I’m behind on pics from this weekend’s trip to Oxford, but that’ll be up soon. I’m just lazy.)

SO. I locked myself out again. Yes, it was the fourth time. Yes, I’m an idiot. Yes, yes yes. All that. But. This time, I really really didn’t want to go back to the Hub to get a replacement key and have to walk back and return it (I just wrote “have to” as “half to”, if that’s any indication of what state I’m in…although don’t worry, I promise it’s not intoxicated.)

Anyway. So first I borrowed my flatmate’s key in hopes against hope that it would let me in…of course it didn’t. And then I went to the housekeepers’ office, in case they would be nice enough to let me in…nope. And (did I mention I really didn’t feel like going to the Hub? I went to the gym yesterday – more on that later – and my legs. My leggssss.) so I went outside and tried reaching in the window. I’m on the first floor, so I can, but it’s one of those safety windows that doesn’t open all the way to prevent stealing, right? But that wasn’t going to stop me – so I’m standing in front of my window with my arm going into my room, and people are kinda staring, but not too badly, I mean it was 2PM in the broad daylight, I’m sure they realized it was my room…

But no luck. I could SEE the damn thing but I just couldn’t reach it…so then so I went to the kitchen, got a pair of chopsticks and tongs, and went back out and tried again.

I got my phone, at least!

Which again, says something about the safety of our windows, but whatever. I don’t think people are going to risk breaking into my room with a pair of tongs.

And THEN. And then two guys walk by and go, “THIEF!” Kiddingly, of course. And I’m like, lulz, yeah, in the broad daylight for the key to my room :( :( :(

And then one of them goes, “Are you locked out? Where’s your key?”

And finally I realize that they have random things hanging off their belts and they have uniforms and they all look the same and OH you’re one of the maintenance people! Except he doesn’t have a key, so instead…he goes, “Move aside, cookie!” (!!!) and then sticks his head in the window and tries to get it for me with the tongs.

Hahahahaha and then after a couple seconds of that his friend comes over and goes, “Mate, we have the master.”




And we have really really cool maintence people.

And I’m thoroughly amused by being called “cookie”.

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