Campus Eating

Hi, strangers.

So…before I get into Oxford stuff from last week…just a quick update – I’m going to Scotland this weekend with the travel buddy! Let’s call her TB, because I’m sure it’d be awkward if she ever found out I’m talking about her on my blog…

Right. So there’ll be plenty of pictures next week, but I doubt they’ll be up in a timely manner, since I have oodles of essays coming up that I should really get a move on…on. Bad wording, it’s 10:30PM and I want to get some work done after this. Sorry!

Just another food post – but some new things!

Those little yellow buns in the back…are…so…good…马来糕 for those who read? :)

I caved…I caved and got fudge. But it’s Bailey’s fudge. I don’t even need to explain just how godly this stuff is. Right?

Eh. Just pictures of lunch. Food. Boring. Moving on.

And I just wanted to show you just how messy our kitchen is…this is actually not bad, on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d put this at a 6 or 7. I’ll show you guys a 10 someday…

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