Hey, I Tried: The Story Of A Non-Baker’s Macarons

Let me just start off this post by reiterating: I don’t bake.

Or cook, really – the only reason I’ve been keeping myself alive these past few weeks is because otherwise, I’d just be eating mush.

It’s more of a eat-to-live rather than live-to-eat mindset, you know?

(Though that being said, I’m eating a surprisngly huge amount for someone who just wants to stay alive…but we’ll deal with that later….)

So. My point is. Unlike food bloggers and bakers and a certain circle of my friends (ahem), I don’t bake. Or cook. I think baked chicken is delicious beyond imagination, but when my grandma slices up some dough and makes me lunch out of boiled dough, I think that’s delicious too. My cookies come from plastic buckets. That’s the extent of my baking skills. Scoop, roll, plop, bake.

So when I decided to make macarons, it was more of a…spur of the moment thing, if you will.

And let me just say – going to the gym before making macarons by hand is not a good idea. My arms hurt like nobody’s business. Egg whites suck.

They looked alright, didn’t they? A little bit too runny (a lot too runny, actually, but you can’t tell from this picture, hee), but alright…


But the thing was…


Instead of being chewy, they were crunchy.
Instead of smooth, they were cracked.
And instead of pink (as seen below…) they…were….brown.

So I ran with it…

Now they’re chocolate! No harm done.

Haha but I WILL master these.

First attempt down, I’ll keep you guys updated on the next ones! :)

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