Just A Teensy Weensy Teeny Tiny Bit Behind…

I went to Scotland this weekend.

But you wouldn’t know that because I didn’t tell you I was Scotland this weekend.

Nor did I ever get around to telling y’all about Oxford last weekend. Because I’m a bad friend and a terrible person and – oh crap sorry Christine I’m going to do my housing contract now!!!- 

Done. But I got yelled at by MyBentley :(

You must declare a major NOW!

My goodness, I don’t check you for a couple weeks and you start yelling at me? Is that all our relationship means to you?? Have you no heart??

I slept on a bus last night. I get leeway.

Right. So sososososososoo. HI friends :) I miss you. Almost halfway there! I’ve been away from you all for 61 days, but we only have 95 left until I can see all your beautiful faces again :) Unless you’re a school friend (hi guys), then…then it’s a bit longer but at least I can text you from there. :P

Right omg I’m so out of it right now -_-

SO. I will continue on posting Oxford stuff (that’ll all be in one day, sorry for the spam but pft, my blog that I intend to read when I’m 85 and slouching, so you can all go…eat a Big Mac.

I’m sorry. You all still love me, right?

So yes. Oxford now. Scotland later.

Oooh boy are you guys gonna get a spam.

Love y’all :) Whatsapp me! :) AND GOOD LUCK ON MIDTERMMSSSSSS~~~~~

I obviously need sleep. :|

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