Pancake Day

(Note; Oh my goodness this was so long ago. Pancake day was like. Middle of February. Siiigh. Whatever happened to blogging every day?? Also. FAN205, I miss you.)

Pancake day in the UK is BIG. I mean, it’s huge for a random food holiday (I went on the internet in search of a random food holiday that today was to prove that we don’t usually give such attention to silly little holidays…but came up empty. It is, however, NATIONAL PROCRASTINATION WEEK. Who’s celebrating with me???)

(23 min later)

Homg I’m procrastinating on procrastinating.

So these are pancakes. They just look like crepes. American pancakes here are “American pancakes”, much like how football is “American football”.

I am becoming increasingly embarrassed by how obnoxious Americans are, changing everything to our liking. :P bleh.

But all politics aside… gratuitous picture of sugar-coated food!

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