The Chronicles of Oxford, Part II – Stuffnthings

Another stuffnthings post. :P Sorry, it’s 11:23 and I have an essay and I’m really not feeling the creativity coursing through my blood at the moment lol but anyway. Cute things!

Pretty much everything I took pictures of reminded me of someone…can you guess who?

Just a picspam, no comments are really necessary, wouldn’t you agree? And less reading for you too. :) See how much I think of you?

This display confused me.

“MOTHERS DAY” Butterflies all around, and then…miniature guitars? Unless someone has a seriously cool mom or they suck at getting gifts for females.

Okay, and this…just random SnorgTee-esque t-shirts. See them, recognize them, and move on:

And finally: This is the cutest collection ever.

More (a lot more) of those mugs I showed you at the top up there…

And that’s it.


(I really want to talk about the top of the world..)

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