The Chronicles of Oxford, Part I – Tom.

Meet Tom.

Tom is my tour-guide crush. He’s the best damn tour guide I’ve ever had on a trip, ever.

And he works for free (translation: tips.)

Which essentially translates to: You better be freaking good at being a tour guide or else no one is going to want to pay you money and you’ll walk around Oxford (which really isn’t a big city at all) for two hours with unhappy people trudging along and no compensation in the end.

So yeah, Tom’s really good at his job.

I started creep-taping him with my phone (sorry Tom!) after a while because his stories were just too funny. He’s really into the history and it just makes the tour that much more interesting, you know? Di and I loved the whole thing. And it was really long.

My video’s a bit long too but I swear Tom’s worth it – just watch!!

He gets really excited haha and starts flying. Or tries to. Or just looks like he’s trying to.

Oh yes. This bridge is apparently the most photogenic spot in all of Oxford, and it’s tradition that people come stand under it and jump. Not sure if this is actually a tradition or just something that Tom made up to make his tour that much more awesome, but I’m not complaining:

He just gets in the way sometimes though – I’m taking a picture of the building (okay, fine, bad shot, I know, but most of these city shots are either bad ones or just plain boring…) and he just jumps in and looks so freaking happy:

But it’s bad, you know, now Di and I hardly ever want to do tours because we’ll just end up comparing them all to Tom.

If you guys ever head to Oxford, please take a minute and get the Footprints Tour with Tom! He’s not the only guide but (click that link!) according to Tripadvisor…he’s pretty much the only one that matters.

Yay Tom!

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