The Chronicles of Edinburgh, Part I – Rockin’ Out.

I have no qualms about living with other people, personally. So when I look for hostels, it’s more about the price than the size or the gender of the other people in the room. But my travel buddy is just a smidge more conservative, so instead of the huge fourteen bed room I got last time, we ended up with this:

It was at Belford Hostel in Edinburgh, which is converted from an old church. Unfortunately, I was too out of it at night and in the morning to remember to take a picture of the place, so this is hotlinked from somewhere else on the giant interwebs:

Really nice room, though. Super high ceilings and more comfortable mattresses than we have been used to.

So much so, in fact, that when we first arrived at around six in the afternoon, we just slept. For two, three hours. And then headed out for dinner.

And then rocked out to The Pretty Reckless and Call Me Maybe when we got back because they’re just so similar:

It’s just how we roll.

The next morning, we were meant to get up and go to the Highlands tour (or at least try to sneak on the bus to the Highlands tour…I’m going to have to go back to Scotland to do that…), but instead of getting up around six like we’d agreed….we got up at ten thirty.

You so saw that coming.

Side note: Checkout time was 10 (whooops) and we got yelled at on the way out :\ Don’t check out late!

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