The Chronicles of Edinburgh, Part II – My Favorite Kind of Weather

People tend to not believe me when I saw I like generally “bad” weather more than good weather. It’s not so much that I hate the sun, it’s just that rain and snow and hail is just so much more interesting. Now I won’t pretend that I like them all the same – snow annoys me to no end, mostly because it’s logically attached to the idea of cold. Cold – I don’t like cold. But if we could have slightly warmer snow I’d be all for that too.

Anyway. So you can imagine how happy I was when it started raining in Scotland while we were there.

Actually, it started raining about seven times in total, if you can even call it “raining”. It was pretty much a dozen drops of drizzle and then nothing. So around the sixth time when this happened, Di and I had already gotten to ignoring it…but then it wouldn’t stop.

And it got heavier, but not wetter…

and that’s when we realized…

It was freaking hailing.

I don’t know about you guys but when I’m at home I’m not really allowed to go out when it’s hailing. Not that it hails often, anyway, maybe half a dozen times in the whole of my rather short and unimpressive life? My mom usually starts freaking out, my first thought goes to the car, and after six or seven minutes it generally stops and everyone calms down.

But my mom wasn’t in Scotland and I had no cars to worry about, and so I took it upon myself to revel and bask in the glory of hail as much as possible. Look!

So after about a minute of this, Di decides that it’s not going to be letting up any time soon and takes out her umbrella. She tries to get me to stand under it but (if you know me at all) I refused.

When she told this story to Sky just a few hours later, all she had to say was “It started hailing…” and he goes, “Did she start dancing in it?”


Yes, Sky, Yes I did.

Anyway, while Di was standing under stone archways and tiny jutting balconies trying to coax me under her umbrella (I really stress her out, I think, lol), I was out in the street, because it was hailing and it wasn’t even cold and everything just looked amazing.

As you might’ve guessed, we didn’t stay out in the hail, but ducked into a local coffee shop instead. But I couldn’t get over that it was hailing, so I left the tiny place filled with warm cozy people exclaiming “how terrible it looks out there!” and went out again.

This is Di looking resigned.

And then I had a brownie and ice cream. Hail and brownies. How does it get any better?

  1. I think you must be about the only person I’ve ever heard of that likes drizzle and hail! Although I have to say that from the moment I realised where you were on the Royal Mile I started thinking about the chocolate brownies from that cafe, they are delicious!

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