The Chronicles of Edinburgh, Part IV – Creepy & Cute

I really like kids.

Also, I’m a nineteen year old Asian girl. Just wanted to make that clear so that previous sentence sounded less creepy than it had the potential to.

Anyway, I like kids.s Babies make me laugh. And they like me!

So I got really excited about this museum, which had “THE MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD” outside in great big tacky gilded gold letters, but I let it go, because I thought there’d be cute things and toys in here.

Instead, the first thing we saw was a great big burly bald security guard:

Glamour shots of tiny children from what seems like the 1950s (okay I’m from 1992, I don’t know anything pre-1990s…don’t judge). This was cute, until you remembered that this girl is probably like sixty years old now.

But this was just the icing on the cake of creepiness.

Their eyes, man. Their eyes.

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