The Chronicles of Glasgow, Part I – Getting There Is The Hard Part

So since we’re “broke college students” studying abroad, Di and I decided to take the overnight buses to Scotland in order to save on the astronomical train fare (155 pounds?!) and a night of accommodation. This meant that we set out around seven o’clock in the afternoon, which is about when I would be rushing to head back before it became completely dark and scary as hell.

That meant we had to walk into Egham, take a train to Victoria, then walk to the Victoria Bus Station. Along the way, we thought it’d be a good idea to stop at Sainsbury’s for some food, and this is what we saw at the checkout line:

A tiny, teeny tiny bike in a shopping cart. How cute, aww.

9 rather uncomfortable hours later (Megabus is sooo much worse than Bolt Bus…I can’t wait to get back on that thing), we had arrived at Glasgow, but it was six in the morning. Six in the morning in Europe time means that absolutely no one was up. Literally. We got off the bus and were forced to wait outside the bus station because the station didn’t even open until 6:30. -_- Oh Europeans and your late days…

After we managed to not be in the freezing cold, however, we still had to sit and wait in the bus station for a full hour before the local Starbucks opened at 7:30.

And I just wanted to say…this statue is the epitome of transportation places. Gah.

There was also a mildly creepy guy in red pants who wouldn’t stop giggling to himself randomly. It was rather odd. Nothing was happening and suddenly he’d just burst out laughing, and then stop. And then burst out laughing again. By himself.

I mean, I know I laugh a lot, but damn. This guy’s on a whole new level.

To pass the time, we went to look at crappy magazines.

I don’t remember reading this when I was that young…don’t kids read Highlights anymore??

Don’t you remember Goofus and Gallant??? The nice boys who taught you about manners?

Haha I went to do an image search and came up with this…I remember reading the black and white ones at doctors offices…

But this was the Goofus and Gallant of my childhood :)

But it seems they’ve been revamped again…

All I know is we certainly did not read about makeup and love lives and get face plastic lipglosses in fake plastic iPhones…oh how times have changed. I’m almost 20. I feel old. :\

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